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Precision in Scanning

Your partner for 3D scanner solutions

Your CAD/CAM system integrator 

DST Swiss AG has assumed a position of leadership as a system integrator within the field of medical technology given their comprehensive service offering.

We are continuously in the pursuit of understanding the technological needs of the Hearing Solution and Dental Industry.  We realize our vision through a complete 3D scanning product assortment as well as innovative software packages and consultation services.

Our success is marked by our unique scanning concept which has brought us a position of leadership within the 3D scanning industry.

  • Worldwide unique pat.pend. „Laser Rotary Scan Strategy“

  • Userfriendly scanner and software solution for the audiologist and dental area

  • Professional Service, and custom tailored to your company

With the focus „Precision in Scanning“ we are striving for highest precision and quality.



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